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Current allocation of the portfolio: 7.5% carry, duration 5.3%, LC exposure as you can see above around 40%. 



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The case for EMD:

Global Fixed Income Efficient Frontier 


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The Unconstrained Emerging Markets Bond Strategy seeks to identify undervalued opportunities through investments in emerging market debt securities issued in both hard and local currencies.
The Strategy was among the first to combine local and hard currency bonds in one unconstrained offering. Van Eck believes an unconstrained approach is important because idiosyncrasies exist, and country and currency selections are imperative. An unconstrained approach allows for tactical shifts based on market conditions. The investment process is based on a proprietary approach to assess an issuer’s ability to meet its debt obligations, seeking to exploit mispricings.


Van Eck Unconstrained Emerging Market Debt

Composite Data

Fund Facts















50% EMBI & 50% GBI-EM

Std Dev








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Asset Class

Fixed Income

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Tracking Error




Emerging Markets

Sharpe Ratio



Dividend policy







Data as of 31-1-2020












Having the mandate to be truly unconstrainedthe possibility to take idiosyncratic positions and completely avoid large benchmark names allows the strategy to be truly active. As you can see in the graph below the strategy had a very low allocation to EMD LC in 2018 (10% at some point). In December the allocation to EMD LC increased to 40% and currently is slightly below 50%. Van Eck’s Unconstrained EMD strategy is a unique as it is truly unconstrained between the sub classes and it uses a unique bottom up approach. 


A truly active and unconstrained strategy



Investment Philosophy

Experienced management: Dedicated management team is led by Eric Fine, who has spent significant time in the emerging markets and has nearly 30 years of emerging markets investment experience as a strategist and portfolio manage
• Bottom up process: Based on a proprietary approach to access an issuer’s ability to meet its debt obligations, the investment process seeks to exploit mispricings and identify undervalued opportunities.
Ability to diversify: Increased ability to diversify exposure by currency, region, credit, maturity, and duration.
Unconstrained strategy: Flexibility to invest across all emerging markets debt components: sovereign and corporates bonds denominated in local and hard currency; our historical allocation demonstrates this approach, as we moved from over 85% local currency to over 90% hard currency exposure over time.

Investment Process – key features of the fund


Please click here for a more detailed presentation about the Unconstrained EMD strategy.




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